Our company places the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services at the heart of its priorities. As a result, it is a key performance indicator for operational excellence. To give concrete expression to this commitment, we have voluntarily signed up to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) PS 6 standard, which is the most demanding in this area. This commitment can be summarised in four points:


  1. 1.Avoidance: avoid affecting gallery forests that are both critical habitat areas for threatened species and of socio-cultural economic importance to communities;
  2. 2.Minimization: minimising the negative impacts of all mining activities on a day-to-day basis using advanced technologies such as environmental DNA analysis and geomatic tools;
  3. 3.Rehabilitation: Rehabilitate areas that have already been developed using an ecological approach that allows for appropriate and integrated spatial planning;
  4. 4.Compensation: Compensate for the residual impacts by setting up a biological compensation site in the Moyen Bafing National Park;