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Under the direct hierarchical responsibility of the Local Purchasing Coordinator, the Local Buyer will be responsible for ensuring, in close collaboration with his hierarchy, his colleagues and the CBG requesting departments, the processing and monitoring, in accordance with the policies, procedures, instructions of work and practices of the Services, of all the activities of purchases of goods related to the files which are assigned to it while optimizing the quality/price ratio of the purchases made.

CBG can claim to be the first major Guinean company to be managed by a national of the country. For more than ten years, the position of Managing Director has been successively held by Guineans.

More than 90% of the members of the CBG Management Committee are Guineans, most of whom began their careers with the company and have subsequently benefited from the many opportunities for mobility.
Our Human Resources department is committed to identifying and selecting local talent, who once recruited can be trained in the various trades of our industry to ensure succession.

It is also exploring ways of reaching young talent throughout the country, particularly with the help of higher education and vocational training institutes, but also internationally.