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Bauxite is the main element in the production of aluminium, which is used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, electrical, packaging, construction, to name a few. It takes about 4 tons of bauxite to produce 2 tons of alumina, and 2 tons of alumina produce about 1 ton of aluminium. Aluminium is present in more than 35% of modern materials and equipment used by humans.

The production of bauxite involves various stages including prospecting, planning, stripping, drilling, and blasting (in certain circumstances), transportation, crushing and drying. We supply our customers with bauxite that has a moisture content of significantly less than or equal to 7%. This low moisture content gives our bauxite a unique and superior quality that facilitates, among other things, transportation by ship, unloading and processing. Since 1973, we have shipped more than 500 million tons of bauxite to the world market, making us the world leader in this field.