The local communities

Local communities, particularly those in the vicinity of our operations, are a key priority for us. This is a self-imposed societal commitment. We encourage them to participate freely and fully in the decision-making processes related to the projects and activities we undertake. Above all, we see them as key stakeholders.

Community Relations

Local communities are at the heart of our commitments. It is first and foremost a corporate culture, but also a societal commitment. At CBG, community relations management is the result of a carefully considered and mature process that has enabled us to establish an appropriate framework governed by a number of principles:

  • Establish and maintain sustainable relationships based on mutual trust and respect;
  • Promote a culture of accountability among all actors;
  • Practice active and independent partnership;
  • Establish a mechanism to deal with complaints and grievances from local communities.

Community Development

Community development has always been one of our company's highest priorities. To date, we have invested over US$60 million in the development of infrastructure and basic social services for local communities.

Since 2017, we have invested up to USD 2.5 million in the socio-economic development of communities. We have supported the construction of some 220 infrastructures based on various local development plans.

CBG also invests in the development of income-generating activities, particularly for youth and women. These aim to improve their income with a view to their economic empowerment. Launched in 2017 with a start-up fund of around USD 3 million, this programme is showing positive results with an average increase in community income of over 100%.

In collaboration with local authorities, we have supported the creation of about ten youth-led microenterprises. Since 2010, these have led to the creation of nearly 3,000 direct and indirect jobs with a turnover of around USD 3 million.