Our values

Our values


  • Respect for people and human rights;
  • Respect society in its cultural, religious, traditional and customary diversity;
  • Respect and enforce applicable laws and regulations.


  • Act honestly, ethically and transparently in the conduct of our business to preserve the integrity of the company;
  • Treat all our stakeholders fairly;
  • Fight against all forms of discrimination, harassment, fraud, corruption, and conflict of interest.


  • Be a global benchmark in health and safety for our employees and neighbouring communities, and in the execution of our operations;
  • Be a benchmark for social and environmental standards;
  • Provide decent working and living conditions for our employees;
  • Create economic and development opportunities for local communities, maintaining relationships of mutual trust with them;
  • Maintain a friendly, team-oriented work environment that fosters a positive atmosphere for achieving our business objectives.